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Life of Jason before Primary 2009


Mr. Donegan:

    I run a website called Life Of Jason that does live coverage of City
Council meetings.  I am sending these 10 questions to all candidates for Mayor and City Council for posting on my website and I would hope that you could find time to provide answers for my readers.

Jason Wert

1.  What makes you the most qualified candidate for your office?


I have the most conservative, pro-life, limited government views of anyone running for this office.  A majority of Springfield citizens share my beliefs on limited government.  I also have a Bachelorís Degree in Finance and 10 years of business experience in the areas of education, mortgages, and car financing.  Finally, if elected Mayor, I will lead our new, more conservative council to make the needed changes to keep Springfield a low tax, family friendly community.

2.  How often have you attended City Council meetings and what ways have you volunteered to help the city on a board or commission?


I attended one council meeting in 2008.  I attended two Council Luncheons in 2008.  I have watched parts of different council meetings on Mediacom Channel 23.  I checked out a taping of the Planning and Zoning Commission from The Library Center in August 2008.  I looked into serving on a board for the City of Springfield in 2007, but chose to run for Mayor instead in February 2008.

3.  How do you think police/fire pension should be solved?


I do support any sales tax initiative to fund the Pension system.  I do not support a 1cent sales tax increase in February.  My solution is to allow the new City Council some time to find cuts in other areas, and possibly repeal other city taxes before asking the citizens again for a sales tax increase to fund the Pension system.

4.  If elected, would you commit to the support the resolution to not
institute new taxes on the residents of Springfield while the
police/fire pension tax is in place if the tax passes?


No.  I do not want more taxes.  That is why I am not supporting the 1 cent sales tax initiative in February.  I do feel like agreeing to the resolution ties the councilís hands behind their backs if something worthwhile were to be proposed by the citizens to promote jobs, or to improve infrastructure.

5.  What ways do you believe the Springfield City budget could be trimmed?


The city needs to eliminate a few upper management positions, including the Assistant City Manager position.  The city also needs to decrease its expenses in the area of Refuse Disposal.  I would propose a budget that lowers the percentage of departments/total expenses for the Parks Department and the Planning and Development Department.

6.  Outside of police/fire pension, what do you think are the three
biggest challenges that will face Springfield in 2009 and how would you hope to address them?


Crime, Quality Employment, Future Taxes Ė Police will become the top priority again when I become Mayor.  I will fight to keep the neighborhood police officers in the neighborhoods, and request the hiring freeze be lifted on the Police Department.  The city needs to get out of the way and let the private sector grow on its own.  The city could help by creating a Technology Park.  To keep things the way they are, we may need to raise the tax burden of the citizens of Springfield.  I would like to keep the total sales tax rate for Springfield residents below 7.00%.

7.  Given the current budget situation, how do you think crime
prevention efforts can be increased without an increase in the police
force and budget?


The City of Springfield could start a reserve program, like the one Greene County has, to increase manpower and cut down on overtime.  We also need to encourage residents to take action themselves to stop criminal activity.  Examples include new fencing, better locks on storage areas, and more citizens who choose to conceal and carry. 

8.  What do you foresee coming from Jefferson City that could have a
positive or negative impact on the City of Springfield?


If any payday loan legislation were to pass capping rates at 36%, residents would not be able to obtain funds for emergency needs.  This legislation would cause increased crime.

9.  What would you say is the biggest mistake the City Council has made in the last two years and how would you have acted differently?


After the Pension Fund became such an issue late last year, the City Council still voted Tom Finnie in as a member of the Public Utility Board.  This same council also paid Mr. Finnie almost 70K dollars to stay on as a consultant after he retired as City Manager.  They even gave him an Administrative Assistant for a short, so I have heard.

As Mayor, I would not have appointed Mr. Finnie to the Public Utility Board for a second term, or would have hired him as a consultant.

10.  What do you feel about the city's green building policy and would
you support more or less regulations that would restrict what the city
can do in regards to environmental issues?


In 2009, Green is in.  Everyone wants to save the Earth from pollution, CO2, and global warming.  I donít believe the Earth is warming because of anything the Citizens of Springfield, MO are doing on a daily basis, including driving their six miles to the gallon full-sized Suburban.  I support building and renovations that are the highest quality at the lowest possible cost, regardless of whether they meet the LEED certification requirements.  I would support less regulation in this area.


Greene County, MO

Greene County, MO

Greene County, MO




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