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News-Leader General Election Questions 2009 Election


What are your top priorities if you are elected?


Keeping our total sales tax below 7.00%, opening the police and fire academies, and simplifying zoning and building regulations to help small business

What changes do you think need to be made in city government?


I think we need to raise the priority level of our Public Safety, Works, and Health Departments above the Planning and Zoning, Parks and Recreation, and Building Services Departments. I also think we need to balance the percentage of department expenses to total budget to match our city’s priorities.

What do you think the mayor's role should be?


 I would move for a stronger mayor in our current Council/Manager system of government. The Mayor should keep the other council members up to speed on bills to be voted on, and needs to be the main watchdog of the City Manager.

Should the city consider moving to paid council/mayor positions?


If the mayor is going to help actively change Springfield, he/she needs to be a full-time paid mayor. I do not expect to be paid for this position given the current financial stress the city is under. I do think if the citizens expect each council member to commit 20 hours plus per week, there should be some compensation paid for their efforts.

For the grid:

1) How do you think City Manager Greg Burris is doing?


As a citizen, I appreciate the passion Mr. Burris brings to the position of City Manager. Mr. Burris thought a one percent sales tax was the fastest and easiest way to fix our underfunded pension liability. The current Council was on the same page with him and voted unanimously to take the tax to voters. Mr. Burris and others city employees used facts as scare tactics to try to ensure the sales tax passage. If the council couldn’t see it, our highly paid chief executive should have seen that the city was divided on the issue, and presented the sales tax as one of many solutions.

2) What would you do about the police-fire pension problem, the unfunded liability?


I support the Save Our Springfield groups ¼ cent sunset, ¼ cent pension fund tax plan. This proposal will result in a no net tax increase to taxpayers. I would also continue to make employer contribution payments to the pension fund. This includes FY 2009-2010.

3) In these trying economic times, are there any departments or city services you think should be eliminated?


The metal detectors in City Hall and the Busch Building should be removed. Non-profit money the city has provided in the past should be greatly reduced or eliminated.

4) Aside from the police-fire pension, what¹s the next most
pressing city problem?


Planning, Zoning, Building, and Sign Regulations. If we simplify and reduce these requirements, the city will save money on compliance costs. Businesses can reduce paperwork costs and amply market their business.

5) Do you think the city is accountable and transparent enough? What would you do to improve that?


The voters need to keep the council more accountable in the future. This includes greater scrutiny of candidates, as well as tax proposals. The council needs to keep the City Manager more accountable in the future. An increase in financial reporting, and more communication from council members to citizens at council meetings and in other settings is needed to bring greater transparency to Springfield.


Greene County, MO

Greene County, MO

Greene County, MO




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